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STK packs are resource archive that can contain anything from models and scripts over plugins to music and even entire games. While you will be able to use the packaged resources in your own projects with the instructions provided by the package creator, you will not be able to modify the source files within the STKs.

C++ developer note: Please remember that STK packs containing Lua code and AIModels will not be compatible with c++/native code conversion projects!

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JPAnimation pack is truly magical. It is a system that will allow you to create animations in your g..
JPButton replaces the default ShiVa behavior for "onClicked" event of HUD buttons which st..
JPEditText allows you to add new features to the ShiVa's Edit Texts The first feature is the poss..
Who has never be in need to cancel a posted event? JPEvent is a very useful tool. With this tool,..
JPExtendedAPI is a very nice pack. Its particularity is that it does not create a new API, but it im..
JPGesture is a pack for multi-touch gesture and device shaking detection. It detects the majority..
JPInput is the pack to have if you want to easily get values about most of the device input sources...
Json is an alternative to XML. It is a human-readable text format to transmit data objects consistin..
JPLensFlare is a wonderful lensflare manager. A lens flare is a visual effects that appears when yo..
ShiVa's multitouch is really hard to manage, compared to the mouse. "Taps" in the "on..
There are some things that are different on the platform and in ShiVa. This is the case for the mult..
JPNotification allows you to send notifications to objects or users AIModels. Any object or user ..
A picker is a list of items which can be scrolled and where the item at the middle is the selected o..
JPRegex is a LUA regex engine that will allow you to work with regular expressions in ShiVa. As it i..
JPScoreAnimator is a small but very powerful pack. The kind of pack that adds life in your game in n..
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