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OpenVR2 OpenVR2
Product Code: st_ssvr2
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Built for: OpenVR/SteamVR 1.0.13+ and ShiVa beta9+
Product Version: 1.0.13
Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTeatGxmEAE
Req. ShiVa Version: ShiVa 2.0 Engines
Plugin Platform Compatibility: Windows Legacy
Price: FREE $0
Seller information: ShiVaTech
Country: France, Metropolitan
Company: ShIVa Technologies SAS
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SteamVR is Valve’s VR solution based on the OpenVR SDK and HTC Vive headsets, controllers and base stations. The big advantages of OpenVR compared to other solutions are its 360° room-scale VR experience and openness towards any headset that has an OpenVR-compatible driver. That means, with this single plugin, you will be able to support a large range of headsets without changing a line of code or including additional headset plugins.

Revision 6 (February 2018)

- update to openVR SDK 1.0.13
- new tracking API functions
- simplified events and AI handler requirements
- adjusted VR controller size
- updated documentation

Known issues

- removed support for Mac and Linux for the time being
- dynamic resolution scaling as well as manual resolution switching had to be disabled
- slightly flickering shadows on some supersampled resolutions

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