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You have tested our Free Web Edition and are ready to take the next step? Purchase a ShiVa license to deploy your game to the platform of your choice.

While other 3D engines harshly divide their user base between Free and Premium users, our license prices are structured in a way that Indie and Lone Wolf developers, who are serious about publishing, can have easy and low-cost access to ShiVa Basic which gets all your publishing done. If you are planning to take advantage of the professional profiling and plugin features, have a look at ShiVa Advanced.

Web is a ShiVa version for publishing 3D on your web site. It comes with Web Player and Flash exporters.
Basic allows you to export commercially to all supported platforms.
Advanced comes with additional tools for team synchronization, console engines, performance analysis tools, and c++ plugin export.

For a full feature comparison between the licenses, please visit www.shivaengine.com.


Important: Due to ShiVa 2.0 being in development still, you can only purchase ShIVa 1.9.2 licenses. Ordering, payment, and product activation is handled manually through one of our support representatives. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a license!

To write you an invoice for you, we need your full name and invoice address. Please mail those to us with a purchase request, and we will send you an invoice PDF back. You can choose between PayPal (1-3 days) and wire transfer (5-7 days) payment.

Current prices (already includes the 50% sale) are:
BASIC new: $200 + local VAT
ADVANCED new: $1000 + local VAT
BASIC to ADVANCED: $800 + local VAT

All these licenses include a free upgrade to 2.0 with the same license type (1.9 basic -> 2.0 basic) once it has been released. Also included is beta program access for 2.0.

Please note that ShiVa licenses cannot be refunded. If you want to test our software, please download the free ShiVa Web Edition from our website. It contains almost the entire feature set of the licensed versions, minus the capability to export commercially to anything else but the Web platforms.

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