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3D Text Object
This plugin generates 3D text object models, for putting text surfaces into your 3D scene. Mesh gen..
Android Account Info
This plugin enables you to enumerate the account information available on an Android device. For ..
Android In App Purchases
This plugin enables in app purchasing on android. Compatible with ShiVa1.9.2/UAT1.4 and ShiVa2.0. ..
Android Joystick
This plugin will make your Android build pickup all HID joysticks, both wireless and wired. Instr..
Android VR
This plugin uses a sensor fusion approach developed by Alexander Pacha, similar to Google Cardboard ..
Basic Regex
A basic implementation of C++11 STL regex for ShiVa 2.0. Comes with 4 functions: contains() - che..
RNG plugin for ShiVa 2.0 b7+ Licensed under Apache 2.0 Includes C++11 random mt19937 and mt19937_64..
CheckAppInstalled Plugin
This plugin will let ShiVa3D developers easily check if an application is already installed on Andro..
cURL easy
cURL easy API integration for ShiVa. cURL is a command line tool and library for transferring data w..
cURL for ShiVa 2.0
cURL "easy API" integration for ShiVa on Windows. Bridge to the cURL CLI tool on MacOS. This plu..
Cydia Check Plugin
This is a quick and simple, free iOS plugin that lets you easily check if the Cydia app is installed..
GetAppInfo Plugin
This plugin will let ShiVa3D developers easily access the app's ID and the app's version number on m..
jpActionSheet - iOS
Use the jpActionSheet plugin to present the user with a set of alternatives for how to proceed with ..
jpAlert - iOS
Use the jpAlert plugin to display an alert message to the user. You can set the title, message and ..
jpBattery - iOS
Get information about the battery. See if it is charging, full, or if the device is unplugged. Get t..
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