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Barrels and Crates - Free
14 very low poly barrels and crates models, textures range from 512 to 1024 px size, ready to use in..
Brush Wood Vegetation Pack
Contains 69 models including all LOD stages for lower powered devices (36 unique models), most of th..
Cartoon Platformer Pack
This pack contains 64 unique models and 6 ground textures. Additional textures for normal, height an..
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Cave Monster
This package contains an animated cave monster model. Animations contain sets for attacking, death, ..
Legendary Sword Pack
4 swords models focused on style and perfomance, each one having nice definition and a low polycount..
Low poly RPG kit
This pack contains 46 models with total 10 materials and 10 diffuse textures. An excellent solution ..
Northern Vegetation Pack
36 vegetation models (20 unique), textures with additional specularity and normal map, up to 512x102..
Palms Vegetation Pack
66 models including 2 LOD stages (24 unique models) Textures up to 1024*512 px size in TGA (includin..
WWII Planes
This package contains 6 different planes: -Fw190A (508 tris) -Ju87D (612 tris) -Spitfire (504 tri..
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