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Editor Binary Module Sample

Editor Binary Module Sample
Product Code: st_luabinarymodule
Availability: In Stock
Built for: C++ coders who wish to extend the Editor
Product Version: 0.1
Online Demo: https://github.com/broozar/ShiVa20EditorBinaryModule
Req. ShiVa Version: ShiVa 2.0 Editor
Plugin Platform Compatibility: Windows Legacy, Mac OS X, Linux
Price: FREE $0
Seller information: ShiVaTech
Country: France, Metropolitan
Company: ShIVa Technologies SAS
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DLL, DYLIB and SO modules for ShiVa 2.0 Editor, C++/Lua integration
Supplementary package to tutorial "ShiVa Lua unlocked Pt2: Editor DLL modules" on the ShiVa blog


1. Copy module binary to:
- Windows: ShiVa 2.0 Editor installation directory root
- Linux: ShiVa 2.0 Editor installation directory root
- Mac: anywhere, but requires absolute path in Lua package.loadlib() call

2. Call library from Lua using code provided in luaForShiVa.txt


Includes demo projects for
- Windows: Visual Studio 2015 (vs140) in C++
- Linux: Code::Blocks (gcc) in C++
- Mac: Xcode 7 (OSX 10.12) in Obj-C++ (.mm)

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