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This is a series of AI models that can serve as a base for your gamer/playermodel interaction. The A..
CheckAppInstalled Plugin
This plugin will let ShiVa3D developers easily check if an application is already installed on Andro..
Cydia Check Plugin
This is a quick and simple, free iOS plugin that lets you easily check if the Cydia app is installed..
FOV Calculator
Horizontal Field of View (FOV) calculator Takes the screen diameter and the user's distance to th..
GetAppInfo Plugin
This plugin will let ShiVa3D developers easily access the app's ID and the app's version number on m..
jpMailComposer - iOS
Use this plugin to get an in-app email composer, sliding in from the bottom of your application. You..
Onscreen Log
This simple AIModel+HUD allows you to log information to an onscreen console. Very useful for testin..
Runtime Mesh Font
It is an AiModel that creates a runtime mesh font. So every letter is a complex mesh (not a plane:)...
WWII Planes
This package contains 6 different planes: -Fw190A (508 tris) -Ju87D (612 tris) -Spitfire (504 tri..
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Easy Credit Maker
WHAT IS THIS?     Game Credits AI is a simple AI used to generate in game credits fo..
House Ads
DESCRIPTION: This AI is a simple in-house banner ad and interstitial ad system. The goal of this AI ..
HUD Joystick
You've seen the VPad (Virtual Joystick) for 3D Games with ShiVa, however you've always wanted to use..
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