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House Ads

House Ads
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DESCRIPTION: This AI is a simple in-house banner ad and interstitial ad system. The goal of this AI is to allow you to simply choose whatever textures you want and then load them anywhere in your app at any time simply by a single line call. This version of ads will work on ANY platform as it is directly within ShiVa and will send users to any link you want upon click. The beauty of this is that you don't have to worry about any servers. To update, you simply release an app update and replace the ad images inside of ShiVa.

RECOMMENDED: It is highly recommended that you make BIT.LY links (http://www.bitly.com) so that you can track clicks and actually get an idea of how many users are clicking on your ads.

HOW TO USE: 1. Drag the HouseAds AI from Data Explorer to the User Main AI's in the Game Editor
2. Drag the HouseAds HUD from Data Explorer to the Resources section in the Game Editor
3. Drag all Interstitial Ad Textures from Data Explorer into the Resources section in Game Editor
4. Drag all Banner Ad Textures from Data Explorer into the Resources section in Game Editor
5. Edit the code below in the EDIT section to add banners and interstitials
5.1. Add banner/interstitial image filename from Resources section in code
5.2. Obtain a Bitly link of the link you want to send the user to (http://www.bitly.com) so you can track the link clicks
5.3. Paste the bitly link
5.4. Repeat for as many ads as you would like
6. Anywhere in your main code, simply call the codes below to show banner ads or interstitial ads:

user.sendEvent ( application.getCurrentUser ( ), "HouseAds", "onShowInterstitial" )

user.sendEvent ( application.getCurrentUser ( ), "HouseAds", "onShowBanners" )

user.sendEvent ( application.getCurrentUser ( ), "HouseAds", "onHideBanners" )

-- SET RELOAD TIMER => Used to reload interstitial ad every X seconds.  Great for forcing an ad every 5 min (300 seconds) for example.
user.sendEvent ( application.getCurrentUser ( ), "HouseAds", "onSetReloadTimer", nSeconds )

-- SCALE INTERSTITIAL => Used for PORTRAIT mode interstitial ads to get them of the correct size
user.sendEvent ( application.getCurrentUser ( ), "HouseAds", "onScaleInterstitial", nWidthPercentOfAd, nHeightPercentOfAd )

NOTE 1: Interstitial Ads - Anywhere in other AI Codes, simply call the code for interstitial ads. The user must close the ad in order for the ad to be removed or hit the back button for the interstitial to dissapear. ALSO Please note that Interstitial ads in SEQUENTIAL mode will start on the SECOND ad when you first run them. So if you want to show a certain ad first, simply make that ad the SECOND ad in your list.

NOTE 2: All Interstitials are stretched to 75% by 75% of the screen size, so a screen of 1024x768 would have an interstitial size of (1024 x 0.75) = 768 X (768 x 0.75) = 576 => 768 x 576 px MAKE SURE ALL YOUR IMAGES ARE OF SQUARE SIZES UPON IMPORT FOR BEST QUALITY!

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