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Easy Credit Maker

Easy Credit Maker
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    Game Credits AI is a simple AI used to generate in game credits for your games in a simply way.  You simply
    provide the text and start the Credits when you wish and a full game credit screen is generated!
    From any AI simply run the following 3 commands:
    local sCredits = "Game Credits AIn By Game Scorpion Inc."
    user.sendEvent ( this.getUser ( ), "GameCredits", "onCreateNewCredits", sCredits, 50, 100, 25, 50, 100, 50, 50, "", 10, 0.25, "unique_instance_main_hud.show_titlemenu" )
    user.sendEvent ( this.getUser ( ), "GameCredits", "onShowCredits", true )
    1. The first part above, "sCredits" is the actual text you wish to use in your game credits.  Using n and other C Language delimeters you can setup your text any way you want.  It will all be centered on the screen.
    local sCredits = "Game Credits AIn By Game Scorpion Inc."

    2. The second part is of the following form:
    user.sendEvent ( this.getUser ( ), "GameCredits", "onCreateNewCredits", sText, nBGWidth, nBGHeight, nBGX, nBGY, nBGOpacity, nCreditsWidth, nCreditsHeight, sFont, nFontSize, nSpeedIn, sActionOnReturnIn )
        NOTE: Start editing from sText!
        sText = The game credits text you are using, in this case sCredits
        nBGWidth = The width of the background behind the text (This is a DARK BLACK background ontop of which White Text will show.)
        nBGHeight = The height of the background behind the text
        nBGX = This is the X POSITION of the background (You can customize the location of your background)
        nBGY = This is the Y POSITION of the background
        nBGOpacity = This is the Opacity of the background (The lower the number, the more see through the background becomes)
        nCreditsWidth = This is the width of the Credits Window (Play around with the credit window height and width to adjust the look to your needs)
        nCreditsHeight = This is the height of the Credits Window
        sFont = This is either the system default font or a custom font you choose
        nFontSize = This is the size of the text in the Credits Window
        nSpeedIn = This is the speed of movement of credits.  Adjust this to your own needs.
        sActionOnReturnIn = This is an action you define that occurs when a user either clicks on the actual credits window or the credits are completed.

    3. The third part is simply to RUN the actual credits.  Before running the credits, ALWAYS set the credits up.
    user.sendEvent ( this.getUser ( ), "GameCredits", "onShowCredits", true )

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