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CheckAppInstalled Plugin

CheckAppInstalled Plugin
Product Code: CheckAppInstalled_Plugin
Availability: In Stock
Built for: Android and iOS
Product Version: 1.0.0
Req. ShiVa Version: ShiVa 1.9.2 Engines
Plugin Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android
Price: $9.95
Seller information: Archimmersion
Country: Hungary
Company: Archimmersion Ltd
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This plugin will let ShiVa3D developers easily check if an application is already installed on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Sometimes one application needs to launch another one using the URLScheme technique. In this case the other app's special URL is given to the OpenURL command, not just a simple "http://". For example, the Facebook app's URL is "fb://", the Twitter app's URL is "twitter://", and so on. In case the OpenURL command is given such a URLScheme that is not defined on a device, the ShiVa app may crash.

This plugin is useful in such cases as the above, because if the target app is not already installed, the user can be first directed to the AppStore or Google Play to download and install it first.

Also, as almost all jailbroken iOS devices have the Cydia app installed ( which has the " cydia://" URLScheme) this plugin can be used to determine that and the developer may take measures if needed.

The plugin can check for app ID-s ( Android only):
- bInstalled = checkApp.checkAppID ( sAppID )
- e.g.: bInstalled = checkApp.checkAppID ( "com.company.appname" )

The plugin can also check if a certain URLScheme is defined on the device ( both Android and iOS)::
bURLAvailable = checkApp.checkAppURLScheme ( sAppURLScheme )
e.g.:The Twitter app's URLScheme is "twitter://". You can check for it like this:
bURLAvailable = checkApp.checkAppURLScheme ( "twitter" )

- The demo app includes the HUD based Android Virtual Keyboard made by Stonetrip.
- The STE archive was exported from ShiVa Advanced


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