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LOD Manager - Manual [Framework]

LOD Manager - Manual [Framework]
LOD Manager - Manual [Framework]
Product Code: LODManager1_eb
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Built for: Editor, All Devices supported by Shiva
Product Version: 0.5
Demo Video: http://youtu.be/_ICL0L3_tOw
Req. ShiVa Version: ShiVa 1.9.2 Editor
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Seller information: PolyVisuals
Country: United States
Company: Eric B.
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This is a simple LOD manager (base script) that focuses on distance to player camera and High Detail object. High Detail Objects can have 3 extra LODs models. NOTE: Please remember this is not optimized, but rather a great starting point for your own LOD needs.
Hello all!
You can edit script to do less levels, but it's currently set this way:
You make 4 geometrical models, and these models are changed per distance between user and object.
- Currently the distance is checked and the model is shown per frame, you WILL want to optimize this by checking the distance every few frames or returning False if the distance/model isn't adjusted/changed.

There is a video but I will explain it anyhow..

(you will need to import the STE into a project and then export the AIModel alone before beginning.) ..this is going to read like a foreign language I am sure..hehe..
1. Add your high detail model to a scene
2. add aimodel to that object^
3. With high detail model selected; in attributes editor, set the distances you want for the LODS to change
4. add the other 3 models to the scene, but place them out of players' way. (the script hides them after it re-uses them, and we don't need the hidden models to cause a blockade!! right!? ), add the same 3 models to the model resources tab in Game Editor Panel.
5. tag the 3 lower detail objects with names that you will add to the AIModel of the high detail object.

- Run the game!! Woohoooo!
LODs made srsly simple and effective because of 2 reasons; you have the script source to customize and the script is setup to re-use the 3 LOD models if needed as well as forcing the LODS to take on the high detail models' Rot,Pos,&Scale!!
- Example: you can make a forest of nice trees all with LODs very easily, you add 1 great tree to scene and setup LOD tags and distances, then add the 3 lower detailed objects under a hill or ground and tag them. Each high poly tree will re-use the low poly models and they can copy the rot,pos,and scale if you want them to..so that your forest is setup in minutes and optimized a bit too !!! good!? :D

I'm sure that read terribly..so a video will save the day!
(apologies for muffled mic and babble)

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