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EDTracker 2 AI

EDTracker 2 AI
EDTracker 2 AI EDTracker 2 AI EDTracker 2 AI
Product Code: tris_edtracker2
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Built for: VR enthusiasts
Product Version: 1
Demo Video: http://youtu.be/bnDvoYdMjnc
Req. ShiVa Version: ShiVa 1.9.2 Editor
Plugin Platform Compatibility: WinRT x86/_64, Windows Legacy
Price: FREE $0
Seller information: broozar
Country: Germany
Company: trisymphony.com
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Oculus gives you headaches? Don’t want to throw away your 50” gaming screen? Looking for a little more immersion in your games without breaking the bank? Then you have come to the right place! With EDTracker 2, you have a very cost-effective way of getting into “sortof” VR without getting motion sick from tiny screens that are glued to your face.

This AI is the preliminary EDTracker 2 implementation for pitch and yaw. It comes with the standalone AI, a tutorial document, a demo game (win32) and the demo project files for the FPS sources.

Thanks a lot to Dan and Rob from edtracker.org.uk for their support and developing an awesome little device!

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