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External standalone tools to complement ShiVa game development

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Android Input Build System
The Android Input Build System is a simple solution to get your ShiVa powered game working with full..
Ant Installer for Mavericks
Easy Apache ANT installation script for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Required software for building Andr..
Device Data Reporter - THE DDR v1
Brief: Want to learn about your devices and learn about Shiva features that your devices support ? ..
Flare Studio
Flare Studio is a pack that contains an editor, an object and a script for designing and animating r..
OUYA Build System
The Hypercane Build System for OUYA is a simple solution to get your Shiva engine games running on t..
Polyglot I18N
PolyglotShiva 0.1.0 Code to use the 600+ strings with 26 languages via PolyglotGamedev opensource..
Shando's ShiVa 1.x Book
This book is the definite beginner's guide on the old ShiVa 1.x series of editors, back when ShiVa w..
Shiva Utils for Photoshop
Shiva Utils is an extension for Photoshop that improves the integration between Photoshop and Shiva...
SphereMap Generator
This standalone EXE program will create a sphere map from 6 skybox textures that can be used for fak..
Translation Helper
A little tool for easier translation handling of multilanguage (UTF-8) apps. Exports XML files that ..
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