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jpCloudEnvironment - iOS / tvOS
jpCloudEnvironment works just like the ShiVa integrated environment system, except that the environm..
jpCrypto - Android/iOS/tvOS/Windows/Mac/Linux
Use this plugin to generate hashs. Available hash types: - Base 64 encode / decode - HAVAL-..
jpDeviceInfo - iOS/tvOS/Android
This plugin allows you to get information about the device your application is running on, such as d..
jpDownload - Android / iOS / tvOS
jpDownload is a very smart and powerful plugin that's aim is to advantageously replace ShiVa connect..
jpEventQueue - Android / iOS / tvOS
This plugin has no lua function. The aim of this plugin is to be able to send events in the Cocoa (i..
jpFlashLight - iOS
This plugin is an easy way to manage the flash light state of the device. Its API gives you direct ..
jpMailComposer - iOS
Use this plugin to get an in-app email composer, sliding in from the bottom of your application. You..
jpMotion - iOS
This plugin provides everything you want to know about the device motion such as: - The device atti..
jpPing - iOS / tvOS / Android / Windows
Test if a server is alive by using its IP or DNS address. Information about the Android library: ..
jpProximity - iOS
Ask for the state of the proximity sensor and get notified when the state changes. It automatically ..
jpRateMe - Android / iOS
jpRateMe will help remind your users to review your app on the App Store (or Google Play Store) by s..
jpReachability - iOS
This plugin allows you to check if the device can access to the internet, through the WiFi or a Wire..
jpStoreKit - iOS / tvOS
jpStoreKit communicates with the App Store on behalf of your application. Your application uses jpSt..
jpToast - Android
A toast provides simple feedback about an operation in a small popup. It only fills the amount of..
jpTools - iOS / tvOS
This plugin is required by other plugins. Just reference it in your game, there's nothing else to d..
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