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jpActionSheet - iOS
Use the jpActionSheet plugin to present the user with a set of alternatives for how to proceed with ..
jpAlert - iOS
Use the jpAlert plugin to display an alert message to the user. You can set the title, message and ..
JPAnimation pack is truly magical. It is a system that will allow you to create animations in your g..
jpBattery - iOS
Get information about the battery. See if it is charging, full, or if the device is unplugged. Get t..
JPButton replaces the default ShiVa behavior for "onClicked" event of HUD buttons which st..
jpCrypto - Android / iOS
Use this plugin to generate hashs. Available hash types: - Base 64 encode / decode - HAVAL-..
jpDeviceInfo - iOS
This plugin allows you to get information about the device your application is running on, such as d..
jpDownload - Android / iOS
jpDownload is a very smart and powerful plugin that's aim is to advantageously replace ShiVa connect..
JPEditText allows you to add new features to the ShiVa's Edit Texts The first feature is the poss..
Who has never be in need to cancel a posted event? JPEvent is a very useful tool. With this tool,..
JPExtendedAPI is a very nice pack. Its particularity is that it does not create a new API, but it im..
jpFlashLight - iOS
This plugin is an easy way to manage the flash light state of the device. Information about the i..
JPGesture is a pack for multi-touch gesture and device shaking detection. It detects the majority..
JPInput is the pack to have if you want to easily get values about most of the device input sources...
Json is an alternative to XML. It is a human-readable text format to transmit data objects consistin..
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