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Android Input Build System
The Android Input Build System is a simple solution to get your ShiVa powered game working with full..
Android Joystick
This plugin will make your Android build pickup all HID joysticks, both wireless and wired. Instr..
Application Options
Handy interface AI that makes it easy to use ShiVa's application.kOption* constants. Includes snippe..
EDTracker 2 AI
Oculus gives you headaches? Don’t want to throw away your 50” gaming screen? Looking for a little mo..
Flight Game Starter Kit
This STE contains an easy solution for arcade-style flight games. A demo with the standard shiva ass..
Game Pad Tester
Test Application that shows you the stick and button layout of attached controllers, as ShiVa sees t..
Internet Connection Check
Internet Connection Check AIModel with optional customizable HUD overlay. Comes with full sources. ..
jpActionSheet - iOS
Use the jpActionSheet plugin to present the user with a set of alternatives for how to proceed with ..
jpAlert - iOS
Use the jpAlert plugin to display an alert message to the user. You can set the title, message and ..
jpBattery - iOS
Get information about the battery. See if it is charging, full, or if the device is unplugged. Get t..
jpCloudEnvironment - iOS / tvOS
jpCloudEnvironment works just like the ShiVa integrated environment system, except that the environm..
jpCrypto - Android/iOS/tvOS/Windows/Mac/Linux
Use this plugin to generate hashs. Available hash types: - Base 64 encode / decode - HAVAL-..
jpDeviceInfo - iOS/tvOS/Android
This plugin allows you to get information about the device your application is running on, such as d..
jpDownload - Android / iOS / tvOS
jpDownload is a very smart and powerful plugin that's aim is to advantageously replace ShiVa connect..
jpEventQueue - Android / iOS / tvOS
This plugin has no lua function. The aim of this plugin is to be able to send events in the Cocoa (i..
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