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Product Code: tris_rng
Availability: In Stock
Built for: maths lovers
Product Version: 1.0-git
Online Demo: https://github.com/broozar/ShiVa-betterRNG
Req. ShiVa Version: ShiVa 2.0 Editor
Plugin Platform Compatibility: WinRT ARM/Phone 8, WinRT x86/_64, Windows Legacy, Linux
Price: FREE $0
Seller information: broozar
Country: Germany
Company: trisymphony.com
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RNG plugin for ShiVa 2.0 b7+ Licensed under Apache 2.0
Includes C++11 random mt19937 and mt19937_64 as well as PCG32/64 from http://www.pcg-random.org/

This Plugin can generate random integers between custom bounds, of course - but some fun functions are also included, such as:
- rolling up to 1000 dice at once
- flipping up to 1000 coins at once
- shuffling a deck of 32 or 52 cards
- produce bogus pointer-style numbers

A Demo project is included. Watch the output in the log module.

Ready-to-use Libraries are included for:
- Windows 32/64
- Windows RT arm/32/64
- Linux 32/64

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